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Accelerate Leadership Intensives

Each participant at Accelerate chooses a single twelve-session intensive.
Taught by practitioners, each intensive will give you a deep dive into leadership on a practical level.
The majority of these can be taken for PBC credit for an additional fee.

Badge for "Introduction to Church Planting."
Introduction to Church Planting
Assist leaders in developing a theological framework, assembling a strategic plan, and setting them on a clear pathway for church planting.

This intensive is designed for lead pastors who want to plant churches, current and future church planters, re-launching churches needing renewal, and people who would consider being on a church's launch team.
Colored badge for "Understanding Missions" Intensive
Understanding Missions
Assist leaders in developing a biblical understanding, assembling a strategic plan, and getting on a clear pathway for involvement in missions.

This intensive is designed for lead pastors who want to send missionaries and mission teams, current and future missionaries, and those wanting to be involved in supporting missions in the most effective way.
Badge for "Worship Ministry."
Worship Ministry
This intensive provides a look at the theological and philosophical basis for Worship Ministry in the local church and practical approaches in preparation and implementation. Leaders will learn how to develop a theology of worship framework and assemble a strategic plan and pathway for pastorally developing and shepherding a Worship Ministry.
Prayer Ministry Intensive badge.
Introduction to Prayer Ministry
This intensive experience provides practical tools for creating a culture of prayer and starting a prayer ministry in your church.
Colored Badge for "We are a ministry model for local church" Intensive
We Are: A Ministry Model for Local Church
A present look into designing and leading an aligned and fruitful local church. The focus of the intensive is on an Ephesians 4 model and maximizing its impact on the individual as a follower of Christ. We'll consider strategic culture creation, alignment of teams, multisite development, movement thinking, and city-impact strategies
Badge for Youth Ministry Intensive.
Youth Ministry
The landscape for Youth Ministry around the world has dramatically changed over the years. It is essential for youth leaders in this age to build rightly, and in alignment with the vision of the house they are building in. This course will assist leaders in developing a strategic plan for their local youth ministry context and get on a clear pathway for leading the next generation of young people into a lifelong commitment to Christ and His bride.This intensive is not eligible for PBC college credit.
Badge for "Eschatology: What the Future Holds."
Eschatology: What the Future Holds
A fresh interest in the study of the End Times has come as world conditions are increasingly in an upheaval. A natural concern has risen to know where the current church fits into the master timetable of God. The questions are asked about where we are in the story of human history. How close are we to the end? What can we do as churches to prepare our people for what is ahead? As leaders, it is our job to help our people work through these questions.
This intensive is not eligible for PBC college credit.
Badge for "Discipleship Pathway."
Introduction to Discipleship Pathway
For Jesus, discipleship was and is a top priority. Most church leaders would agree, but many lack a clear and consistent strategy for discipleship.

This intensive provides an overview of discipleship. Leaders will learn how to develop a strategic plan and pathway for making disciples in their church or context.
Badge for "Developing a Prophetic Culture."
Developing a Prophetic Culture
Providing a fresh look at the theology and benefits of prophetic ministry in the local church, this intensive will help leaders discover how to activate, grow, and maintain a thriving prophetic culture in their church.
Colored badge for "Biblical Guide to Cultural Tensions" Intensive
Biblical Guide to Cultural Tensions
This intensive explores a biblical perspective and response to current events and hot topics prevalent in our culture today.
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